Sunday, April 22, 2018

Farm Stay 4: Pizza night

Friday = pizza night during Farm Stay! We started the fire in the pizza oven at 10 am, and it was hot and ready to go by dinner time. This was good practice for the pop-up pizza restaurant that we're hosting for the Spring Festival on Sunday, April 29th. Here are some photos of the delicious pizzas we enjoyed!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Farm Stay 4: Day 5

Today is the fifth day of Farmstay 4. It’s the weekend so we got to sleep in a little, although not a lot of us did. It’s also Earth Day today! I have been disappointed in our country in particular because of the slow disbelief and denial of Global Warming by some of the most influential people in the U.S. Here at the Land School, we are working to raise awareness on fossil fuel emitting pesticides and the benefits of buying local produce and foods. It is as easy as a simple act of laziness to impact the world in a negative way. Becoming aware of the consequences to everyday actions such as recycling instead of throwing things in the trash make an impact even if it seems very small. Right now I am encouraging you to choose to become aware of your actions.

Also, two years ago on this day Prince died. He was extremely influential and showed people that you didn’t have to comply to anyone's vision of boxes. He was born in Minnesota and spent a majority of his life there.

Later today we have Physical Expression and Gallery Night. We are currently working on boiling down sap into syrup and preparing our Micro-Economy projects to sell at the Spring Festival on April 29th.