Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Garden Photos

It has been a while. Here are a few photos to let you know what is up in the garden.

Our summer intern, Laura, has created an herb garden in the terrace on the southeast side of the Homestead. 

The hoophouse has a a bed of peppers this year!

Our blueberries are just about there.

Winter Rye as a cover crop.

Tomatoes in the field. Paste and Heirloom tomatoes planted early as a gamble against a late frost.

Young zucchini plant.

Sweet corn, melons, and in the distance, sunflowers.

Pumpkins for pumpkin seed oil.

Potatoes. We sprayed an organic beetle killer called a spinosad today. Now the potato beetles' spines are so sad.

dry beans, popcorn, flour corn, onions, sunflowers.


Liberty Apple tree. Big growth spurt last year.

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