Monday, September 10, 2012

Garden Photos Sept 10th

Inside the greenhouse - cucumbers and ever bearing strawberries.

There is not enough to ship, but when you come out, they make a nice snack.

Cukes on the fence.

Here comes another one!

Tomatoes. Who left that box out there? Wow. There is me in the lower left corner.

Time for Salsa!

Can you see the "sticks" that were the carrot stems? The deer have decimated the fall carrots. Yuck!

Sauerkraut! Slaw! Cooked Cabbage!


Cauliflower coming soon...

Broccoli next to the popcorn.

This is a new variety of popcorn. Heirloom Pennsylvania Dutch White.

Here is what it looks like. Needs to dry more.


Arugula - just now coming up.

Monster sunflower.

Whole field of monster sunflowers.

Pumpkins. Ripe for the picking! Anyone want to move Halloween up one month? It was just too warm this summer.

Cinderella pumpkin.

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