Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Update With Photos

Sunflowers leftover from the Plant Sale. We meant to plant them long ago, but the soil was too wet. Now I think they might flower while still in their little plastic pots. Too late to plant these.  

Broccoli family crops ready to transplant next week.

The Grapes on the grape arbor look like they have set a lot of fruit.

One of the plums has also set a great quantity of fruit.

The plum tree on the right is coming back from some sort of setback. It had undersized leaves this spring and some dead branches.

The "Centennial" Hops are thriving in the Hugelbet next to the old corn crib.

The raspberries on the west end of the bed are dying - this happened last year when it so wet too. They stopped dying when it dried out last year - so maybe this year.

The flower block has been swamped by rain. The flowers will recover with a little fert and cultivastion.

Little basil plants. They were going to flower in the greenhouse, but we planted them anyway. They will recover.

On the right: beets that were saved on the second member work day. On the left: carrots are hopefully germinating under a protective blanket.

Three successions of green beans. The ones on the left have not yet come up.

These are the carrots that we saved with the apprentices.

Swiss chard that we planted this week.

Allis G set up to cultivate pumpkins.

This G is set up to make a trench.

Asparagus. We stopped picking a couple weeks ago.

The blueberries are all protected from grazing animals.

Look! Some berries look like they are about to turn blue!

On either side: tomatoes. Down the middle: watermelon.



Brussels Sprouts right and middle. Cabbage left.

Biodegradable "plastic" mulch: peppers, eggplant, melons, cucumbers, zucchini. Between the mulch rows: dry beans in double rows.

The golden field is a drying rye cover crop.  Last week it was four feet high.

Corn! sweet corn (three kinds), popcorn, blue corn, painted mountain corn, red flint corn, bloody butcher corn, and broom corn.

Potatoes. This has been the perfect growing season for potatoes.

Onions and leeks. Waiting for a little weed and fert.

Right: garlic. Left: sunchokes.

Arctic kiwi. Not dead. 

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