Sunday, February 1, 2015

Small Class H Overnight

We were searching for animal tracks. We are unsure what animal made these tracks, but it was a bigger animal that has paw prints.    

We also did stewardship and got some very good photos of the cats

Today, Oskar, Holden, Micah, Clayton, Billy and Cooper of Class H arrived at the Land School to begin their three-day overnight. It was filled with nature hikes, stewardship activities and lots and lots of photography. During one of their hikes, they collected firewood for the Land School’s supply. Photography was and is going to be the main focus of their trip. Stay tuned for lots of beautiful photos!

On day two we went skiing, did tie dye, made candles, and finished the day with a big game of "Apples to Apples." Day three came all too soon, we packed our bags, did Land School work, finished our candles and tie dye, and then cleaned up the places that we used.

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