Monday, July 25, 2016

July's Monday Melodies

by Laura

Monday Melodies
July 25, 2016

I will write to you on Mondays
to give to you a window 
for I want you to remember
the beauty of this place
a place for us to fall in love
a place where we are fed
a place who remembers all that we
have forgotten as our core.

I will show you so that I may see 
a depth of life to share
for I want you to remember
that this land holds you with care. 

She sings, this land, to your sweet children, 
daring children, eager children. 
She asks them questions with her leaves,
her fruit, her flowers, living stories.
Please join me here on Mondays
to receive the view I offer.
Take the news of each week's harvest 
to give us hands to which to give. 
As my words ask for your eyes to see
your heart to feel
your mind to light 
see past the window I have woven
to know this place as home. 

3 Sisters Garden: Scarlet Runner Beans, Guatemalan Blue Squash, and New Mexico Corn 7.25.2016

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