Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rural Campus News September 12th

News from the Rural Campus

Summer highlights:  Our summer was eventful as always.

The weather was like a roller coaster, starting the summer cool and wet and about 2 weeks behind, and then seemingly overnight the extreme heat hit. Then August and Early September have been beautiful, seasonable weather. Except for some mid-summer dry spells, there was enough rain all summer, and sometimes too much. The effects on the garden were to go from a slow start to an explosion of growth. The explosion of growth also included the weeds, which are as numerous as ever this year.

Our summer programs were fully enrolled, with 5 weeks of Junior High Apprenticeships and our most-ever Elementary 2 Campers. The Garlic Fest was well attended and much enjoyed, despite the rain. There were a record number of Great Gatherings at the rural campus this summer – see other blog posts for photos and stories from those events.

Our Summer Intern, Anne Nichols, proved to be a great hire, bringing great energy, enthusiasm, and ideas to the farm. She will be extending her stay, and raising some organic chickens to sell to the LCS community. Look for more info on those birds.

The end of the summer saw the departure of Katy Hunt, who served at the Land School for two years. We’ll miss you Katy and good luck with your next adventure! We also welcomed Kate Flick, who will be Lake Country’s new Environmental Education Specialist. She’ll live here at the rural campus, but advise the whole school. Welcome Kate!

Market this Thursday. There will be a produce market this Thursday at LCS from 4 to 6 pm, and every Thursday until the end of October. There are many items available to non-members of the CSA. So please stop by and shop and socialize. All Lake Country community members are encouraged to come out to help on Thursdays with the harvest, whether they have a share in the CSA or not. Call or email to schedule your day!

This coming week we are hosting Great River School’s A2 students for their annual fall visit. Their whole 9th and 10th Grades will be here doing innumerable projects. We always look forward to seeing their incredible staff and students.

We are also Hosting Classes E (Wednesday) and C (Friday) for their annual orientation visits. They will be harvesting pumpkins for the Harvest Fest!

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