Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tuesday Memo from September 21st

Rural Campus Update

Eventful Summer at the Rural Campus
Lake Country's rural campus buzzed with activity all summer long. There were Great Gatherings, Junior High Apprenticeships, an E2 Camp, a Garlic Festival, and many work days and harvest days for the garden. Read all about our summer by scrolling back on the blog.

E1 Orientation Visits
Last week and this week, we have hosted each of the E1 classes for their annual fall orientation visit (Class D today!). We count on these visits as a time when the children pick the pumpkin patch and learn about all of the interesting things they can do at the rural campus. Our goal is to give the children the rural campus as one of the special places that they can plan a "going out" or a trip with their family. This visit we also got to pick apples from the orchard, see the tree house, and feed the animals. Thanks to all the parent chaperones and staff for helping make these visits great. 

Great River School Fall Trip
Last week we hosted the 9th and 10th Grades of Great River High School for their annual fall trip to the Land School. It was four full days of fun and projects. Thanks to students and staff for all your great work.

Class G Harvest Help This Week
We are looking forward to Class G coming this Thursday to help with the produce harvest. We are hoping to get a big chunk of the winter squash harvest in to start curing, as well as all of the usual produce. Thank you Class G in advance.

Markets Every Thursday
Each week we bring to LCS the fruits (and veggies) of all of the work done by the children,staff and families during the spring and summer. Please stop by the LCS parking lot from 4 to 6 pm every Thursday until the end of October to get your fresh chemical-free produce. All are welcome! 

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