Thursday, December 15, 2011


Micro Economy (for short Micro Eco) is an amazing way to learn how to create a product and sell it like an entrepreneur, and it is really fun.  I am making photo cards along with sugar cookies and hot cocoa.  Other people are making amazing other crafts from Christmas ornaments to dog treats, which is really cool to have that much variety.  All of the crafts that are made are hand-made and that is what makes Micro Eco so fun and interesting.  All of these things are being sold on Sunday the 18th of December from 11am – 3pm, and is going to be amazing.  The product that are going to be sold are:
1.     Photo Cards
2.     Soap
3.     Dog Treats
4.     Felt Pins
5.     Plane Ornaments
6.     Pillows
7.     Candles
8.     Lip Balm

All of these products are amazing and will be sold at an amazing price and are all made by students.  We are looking forward to see you on Sunday the 18th.


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