Friday, July 19, 2013

Farm Camp 2013

We have had a great week with our E2 Farm Campers. Even though our campers are all between 9 and 11, the experience has been very similar to a Junior High Farm Stay. We have all the systems in place for the young people to be independent and make contributions to the community. We have roles for cook crew, chore checklists, color coded schedules, and clear expectations. So it is easy to think of this as smaller version of a Farm Stay. We take the best from the Farm Stay, but we put a summer spin on it. So on a hot day this week, we took a field trip to Crystal Cave. On another day, we went to Clear Lake to go swimming and have a cookout.n the first day, Donna set up a huge slip-n-slide on then back hill using old greenhouse plastic. We did projects in the mornings, but took extra breaks in the heat. We had a movie night in the middle of the week and a games night too. There have been endless ping pong battles. Today the culminating activity was archery with our new compound bows. yay!

Tomorrow is the garlic festival!

Here are some group photos:

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  1. I remember that tree so well