Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here is the Dirt! July 9th 2013

Here is the dirt:

Wowza! That was a powerful rainstorm this morning. Sheets of rain coming down horizontally. Water in the barn. Erosion on the gravel road. I hope the fields weathered it okay; this time of year there is not as much to worry about because the growing plants protect the soil, but even so...

When do we start? Thursday July 25th is our first harvest day. I KNOW this is later than previous years. Our plan is to go all-in for fall harvested vegetables in order to maximize the connections for children to have with the garden. This year we are starting the markets one week later, and going one week later into the fall. Our goal is to actually try to have some "winter markets" this year too, and if that goes well, we may shift even more into the fall. Yesterday we planted 1500 broccoli family plants for September harvest and 1000 row-feet of carrots for late September harvest (at 1 carrot per inch that could be 12000 carrots - get your recipes ready!). If you want to read more about the garden plans and connecting children to the garden, check out my recent blogpost, entitled "Community Garden Plans 2013." 

Garlic Fest 2013
Saturday June 20th. Arrive between 9 and 10 am. Harvest, wash, braid, and hang up garlic. And then participate in a potluck feast featuring garlic and foods that go well with garlic. GARLIC!!!! It is growing great. As you well know, everything is late this year, and we are counting on the garlic being ready to harvest, so send us some warm weather. RSVP if you are coming and haven't yet signed up.

Saturday Community Days
We have had three "Community" days this summer so far. Great success. Planting, weeding, projects, potlucks, and community. Arrive between 9 and 10 am, and work together in the morning and then enjoy the land in the afternoon. The upcoming Saturdays are: July 20th (Garlic Mania), August 3rd, and August 17th. In addition, you can plan to come help on any Thursday harvest day, starting July 25th. Of course, if those days don't work for you or your family, call or email and there is a good chance we can work with your schedule. Also, we have a few projects available that do not require you to come to the Land School. Please sign-up so we know when you are coming or if you need an alternate project.


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