Monday, August 5, 2013

Fall Crops Are Coming Along

It has been a good week for getting our fall crops taken care of.

Carrots: We have been hand-weeding the fall carrots and we have 4 out of 7 beds done. Over the hump.

Potatoes: The potatoes got water last week at a critical time. Our first harvest looked promising too. Might be a good year for potatoes.

Beets: Today we thinned the two remaining beet beds. They look great! More beets than ever!

Broccoli Family: This week we were able to cultivate the weedy pathways between the rows. The broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower all look good. Also Napa and Kohlrabi. Two successions are coming. The Brussels Sprouts are unlikely to make it in time before the freeze, unfortunately.

Turnips: We have some purple top and some golden that are both up and looking good, and today we seeded a whole bed of Hakurei (white Japanese salad turnips). Yum!

Radishes: Today we seeded a bunch of red radishes and two weeks ago we seeded a collection of three new radishes - black spanish, watermelon (red meat), and daikon. Today we thinned the new radishes. Can't wait.

Lettuce: We will keep seeding lettuce mix for three more weeks to give us a steady stream of baby lettuce until freeze. There are a few flats of bibb lettuce to be planted out next week for late September head lettuce harvest.

Spinach: Today we seeded our first attempt at fall spinach. If it germs well, we'll have big spinach mid September. We will plant more in two weeks.

Arugula: We had some hole-y arugula already earlier this year. The fall arugula is usually less eaten by flea beetles. Also tastes better after the freeze. We seeded some today, and will keep seeding until September 1st.

Onions!!!: We have not had onions this nice since 4 years ago. There are a lot of big ones out there. Also there will be scallions until hard freeze. Leeks too! Lots.

Squash: We hope it rains tomorrow, because our squash has been super-dry and far from the sprinklers. But at least it was weeded, so there will be some, and maybe lots.

The pumpkin patch is full of pumpkins. Some powdery mildew though.

Other goodies coming for the fall: dry beans, blue corn, popcorn, ornamental flint corn, mustard greens, raddichio, bok choy, and more.

The summer veggies are still coming along too: green beans are growing slow but are very productive, lots of basil too, tomatoes are slow but coming, peppers are coming along nicely, there will be eggplant, melons, and watermelons. We are in the thick of cucumbers and zuchhini. Flowers are good.

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