Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time to start eating

Insert tongue into cheek...

Okay, people.

Time to eat!
Zucchini! Cucumbers!

Many years ago we switched to a "market-style" produce distribution system. I was sad to see the pre-packed box go because it was an accurate representation of what we were able to grow each week. So if we had a lot of something, we put more in the box and our members just had to deal with it. Likewise when something was in short supply, we meted it out in small portions.

It was a challenge to use and eat all of the abundance. If you got 6 to 10 cucumbers in the box, then it was time to make some refrigerator pickles. Those big zucchini? Time to make lasagna using zucchini or saute it and freeze it for later.

It was an equal challenge to treasure the precious items that come in small quantities. How do you enjoy the first tomato when you get only one? Or what do you do with 3 ears of early corn?

So now when we have the market-style distribution, you might be tempted to treat us like the farmers market or grocery store. Just get what you need or know you will use. I SAY NO! We are NOT the farmers market! We are YOUR farm's market! When there is obvious abundance, it is incumbent upon you to try to make use of it. Participate in the fecundity of nature by eating more of it. This is how we eat with the seasons. Eat more zucchini. Make pickles. Give produce to your neighbors. Generosity is rewarded with generosity. And, when there is obvious scarcity, take a small portion and ask when and if there will be abundance.

To that end, if you have a recipe that helps you use up some of the produce, send it to us and we will post it here on the blog.

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