Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thursday Journal

Today it is the second day at the landschool.
Today I woke up at like 6:45 and signed up for the breakfast jobs,  I chose the condiment and juices job.
I had a blueberry jam sandwich and Andy came in and told us that we were supposed to be at the farmstead doing farm chores, but no one had told us so everyone just hurried up and I was still on my pajamas so I had to change very fast.
Then, Andy  showed us how to do the chores and we came back after he finished.
We finished our jobs and had math. Then we had "scenarios" and I had to act a major cut with Patty. Then everyone was so tired and Andy and Donna gave us nap time!
Then we had to choose our Occupations, and I am with Donna.
Then we had chili for lunch. After lunch we had CE/PE and we talked about what work our ancestors did, then we went for a hike and then worked in our journals.

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