Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walking through the woods

Walking through the woods, the calming silence sinks into my body. I take a deep breath in, fresh pure air flows into my lungs. It was the feeling of carelessness that came over me at that moment. Looking around seeing only earth’s creations in still silence. But yet- it wasn’t silence. Everything was screaming out loud. Dancing, as they grew taller, singing as the wind whistled through the trees; As if it was an entirely different world.
            The chilling breeze whipped around my face, playing with me as it continued its journey. The small growing plants hid under the dead leaves. It is the season of new birth- of new creations. As one creature died, another grew in its place. The heavy rainfall had washed away the loose dirt, revealing old rocks and ancient tree roots. How long has all of this been here? The question was posed in my mind. I walked- only thinking of what surrounded me.
            Hidden under the protection of the leaves, a bloodroot flower bloom popped its head out- observing the growing world around it. “Good morning” it seemed to say. I looked up at the muddy path ahead- my mind had opened. I was free.


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  1. We are having similar experiences here in Texas with the land, its life, and wildlife we've rarely seen in the city. That oneness and noisy silence is so freeing! Thanks for such lovely words put down for us to read!