Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Phenology Photos

Who knew that chickens love to eat pie pumpkins?

Did you know that chickens can't swallow like we can? Watch them drink water. They take some in their beaks and then lift their heads up to allow the the water to flow down their throats.

Greenhouse renovation in progress.

Maple tree without leaves.

Some animal has been eating hickory nuts on the Winding Ridge Trail bridge.

Invasive Buckthorn is easy to identify this time of year - black fruit and green leaves. 

Bees are all wrapped up for the winter. 

This time of year, Doug feeds the bees a sugar solution to supplement their diet.

Little Bluestem in the prairie restoration area behind the Homestead.

Big Bluestem in the prairie restoration area.

I think this is Prairie Switchgrass

I think this is Indian Grass

Milkweed seed dispersal.

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