Monday, November 14, 2011

Rural Campus News for November 14th

Land School News

Holiday Produce Baskets This Friday
This Friday from 4 to 6 pm we will be distributing Holiday Produce Baskets. The baskets will have 2 big bags of potatoes, some of the sweetest carrots you'll ever taste, several winter squash, popcorn, garlic, leeks, a pint of maple syrup, some special cheese from our neighbors' dairy store, a recipe sheet, and other goodies from the garden. There is still time to sign-up, but supplies are limited. Click on the following link to get the order form for this and also the holiday trees and wreaths.

Land School in the Winter
After taking the summer off to discourage bear damage, we are now keeping food out at the bird blind again. Plan a day trip to help us in our effort to collect data for the Cornell feeder watch program. We had our first snow last week, and soon outings for skiing, sledding and snowshoeing will be possible, as well as trips to identify trees by their winter twig buds. Remember to check out the Land School blog throughout the winter for news and events.

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