Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Day Farm Stay 1

            Today is the last day at the Lake Country Land School for Farm Stay 1. It was so surprising waking up today and realizing that our Farm Stay was already over. That we had to pack-up our things and leave. We learned so many things on this particular Farm Stay. We learned the daily animal chores that you would typically do on a farm. We also learned how to harvest certain crops and what time of the year that they are harvested.
            All of the Farm Stay 1 kids are sad that we are leaving, but we can’t wait to get home and get to see our family and friends and being able to tell them all of the things we learned and stories about being able to, “live” out here for eighteen days. This was a great Farm Stay. Everyone was so helpful, kind, creative. We are so sad that it’s over!


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