Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Harvest Day

Every Thursday morning we harvest and bag crops that we will bring to the market in the afternoon. We call this harvest day. So far we have harvested for 16 weeks.
Today was our last day of harvesting. We harvested many things like leeks, lettuce and broccoli. We also packaged vegetables like potatoes and carrots for the market.  It took a good two hours to harvest all of these crops. The other hour or so was mainly spent washing and packaging the vegetables. We knew we had to finish it all by lunch and started working very hard. We cut the lettuce, washed the carrots and bagged the potatoes. It was amazing getting to see and learn the different foods that were harvested in the summer compared to all of the crops that were harvested in the fall. I look forward to harvest day because it’s a morning where we get to work really hard while also working with our friends and having fun. 


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