Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st

            Today is Halloween! Our Halloween bash was a big success! We had our regular day of re-doing the greenhouse and picking potatoes. At 5:00 we got our costumes on and set off for bowling in Menomonie. There we had pizza and bowled for a couple hours. We were planning to go trick-or-treating but realized that there was a curfew at 7:30. We were all disappointed, but Donna and Kate took us out to a town called Boyceville. Not many houses were still open but we got some candy. When we arrived back at the Homestead we were planning to go outside and look at the stars but what we didn’t know is that someone (Donna) was outside with the chainsaw reving it. Of course there was no chain but just the sound made us jump. All and all it was a great Halloween and we all had a bunch of fun. 


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