Thursday, May 3, 2012

Advice to Future Farm Stayers

From the experts...

  • Learn to wash your clothes.
  • Try to always be cheerful and happy not mad.
  • Keep your personal belongings organized.
  • Take showers.
  • Don't get annoyed about being on cook crew.
  • Be positive, don't be down -at least try to - it is an experience that you will never get again - so spend it wisely, and enjoy it!
  • SLEEP!!!!
  • Take advantage of your work times such as study hall because then you will have freedom in other times.
  • Take in every moment of the Farm Stay because when you get home you will be surprised how fast it went by!
  • Go outside instead of always playing ping-pong.
  • Live every moment to the fullest. Before you know it, it is over.
  •  Don't be annoyed with people. If you keep a positive mental attitude everyone will be a lot happier. And don't dwell on the bad parts of people. If you keep thinking "Oh so and so never helps with work," you're not going to like them any more. And no one wants to spend two weeks with someone they don't like. So look at the good side of things like "So and so is so funny!" The glass is half FULL.
  • Get along with your classmates. Don't make foes.
  • Save some time to be alone.
  • You don't need to worry about bad food, because it is delicious.
  • The teachers are really nice and fun.
  • You will become closer to the people on the Farm Stay.

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