Monday, May 14, 2012

Rural Campus News

Big week last week. Big week this week. Big week next week.

Last week - Junior High Medieval Days at the Land School. Plant Sale delivery on Wednesday morning (Thank you to Volunteers and Customers and Student Helpers!!!!), followed by three fun-packed days of 50 fifth graders from Armatage Montessori, followed by an enjoyable overnight with 3 students from Class F.

This week - 100 Great River High School students Monday/Tuesday - planting the GRS Farm part of our gardens. Visits to Children's House and from Class H on Wednesday. Sixth graders come out for their annual overnight on Thursday and Friday.

Next Week - Hand in Hand Montessori for a day and Class E for their three-day Environmental Ed Experience.

Things are happening at the Land School! It is a lovely time to be here and we have been able to get many people out to enjoy the Spring and to contribute to the work of the land. Thanks to everyone who has come and is planning to come. You help make the Land School what it is!

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