Tuesday, May 1, 2012

JH Visit

            Today at the farm we all woke up and made lunches because the rest of the Junior High was coming today and we were eating at the Farmstead.  Then we all headed to the Farmstead to prepare for the Junior High to come.  Finally, after what seemed like hours the bus pulled up.  Then we split into separate groups to carryout tasks.  My group was the facilities group and currently the main indoor project is working on the chicken coop.  Basically, in general, the current chicken coop is falling apart so we need to build a new on and take apart the old one, or more or less burn it down.  But first we need a place for the chickens to stay while we make a new chicken coop.  So we had to build a temporary chicken coop in the Red Barn.  We had gotten one wall up before today and two more to go.  I, with a few other students, worked on building one wall as the others painted primer on the fully built one.  After we were done we had lunch and then all of us split into three groups for preparation of our upcoming land school overnight. My group was the Robin Hood group and we sleep at the tree house, so we mapped out what the day would be like.  Then at two o’clock the Farmstay said good-bye to the Junior High, as the Junior High had to leave.  For the rest of the day we went on hikes and flopped around the Homestead even though we knew we’d see them in two days.


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