Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Morel Hunting We Will Go..

 For this blog essay I will be telling a story of our fabulous morel hunting. Now for obvious reasons, I cannot tell you where we were exactly. That is the first priority in morel hunting. However, I can tell you the description of the certain place where we found them.  We were near some rotten trees, and Donna had heard that our neighbor had found them in the area. We spent much time looking around the main place where most of the kids were, but with no luck. We then started branching out to different places and eventually came to the property line.  We then turned around and were starting to leave. We were walking back towards the path that led us out of the woods when I passed a tree that was rotting. I looked down and saw the un-mistakable shape of a morel mushroom sticking up from behind a leaf. I called everyone over and they started looking for them. Sure enough, once one morel had been found, people started searching with a renewed force. And once you are dedicated to find them, they pop up everywhere. People were finding morels left and right. They were branching out and every few seconds someone would shout “found one! No two! No three!” and so forth. We ended up with our basket filled with morels.  We were hesitant to go, but our CE/PE time was running dangerously low.  We made a final circle around the tree and found more of them, but now we really had to go. We gathered our things and left. After that, the next day for lunch, we had salad with stinging nettle and morels. The salad was delicious with the sweet taste of stinging nettle and the earthy, good taste of morels mushrooms.  


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