Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 5

            Today is Friday, March 1. Today was Justin Bieber’s birthday so some of us wore all purple and Justin Bieber rings, it was fun. This morning we had a community meeting and talked about what is happening on the Farm Stay and what is going well and what we could work on. During the community meeting the leader creates an agenda and the scribe takes notes. In our community meeting today we talked about community work, an event that we are going to tomorrow at the Prairie Farm High School, what is going well and what we could work on, and what movie we will watch for movie night. We decided to watch Source Code, which was a really good and exciting movie. After the community meeting we did community work. Community work is a time where we do different kinds of work to help the community. One group went with Andy and did maple sugaring, another group went with Katie and got dairy products and shoveled the pond, and my group made lunch with Donna. After lunch we had deep clean. After deep clean we had group play. We decided to play a game sort of like rugby, where there were two goals and our objective was to get the football in the goals, but everyone was supposed to tackle each other. We played until Kate arrived. Kate Flick worked at the Land School part of last year and helped out with the Farmstays. We did a really cool activity where we discussed windmills pretending that we were in a town hall discussion. Next we had FREE TIME! Yay! We played Apples To Apples for most of it, which was really fun. For dinner tonight we had make your own pizzas, which were really good. To finish the long day we watched Source Code and then had our closing before going to bed. Today was great and we are all really excited for the weekend. 

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