Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Things Are Getting Hairy At The Bird Blind

            Today Doug Alecci came up to the Land School to visit and teach our three hour-long science class. Near the end of the second part of our class, we dressed ourselves in our warm winter clothing and bursted out into the fresh fallen snow. We walked on the street for easy access and stumbled our way on the icy road to the Bird Blind. A lot of the birdseed Jack and I put out just a couple of days ago had been nibbled away by all of the species that come and go every couple minutes. We shuffled in single file and placed ourselves on chairs and benches as we collected fast into the small wooden shack. After a few moments of scarce action, our native birds began to flutter and flap down from the overhanging trees and onto the perches so neatly placed in the various tube, ground and suet feeders. We watched in silence, occasionally whispering a new count of chickadees or juncos, when I hear suddenly, “There is a Hairy Woodpecker!” I think it was Josie but I can’t be sure. We all glanced anxiously to find that, in fact, there it was proud and tall hanging on the closest suet feeder. I turned to an excited Doug; we weren’t lucky enough to spot one of these birds last week when we had our first science class. Then again I hear an exited voice, “There are two! Two Hairy Woodpeckers Doug!” And there they were, right in front of us when we hear a Blue Jay. Doug turns quickly to find the sneaky devil when it zips past us and Jo shouts, “I saw it, I saw it!” we all crane our necks to find him but he has already gone, and soon we are too. We exit our bird blind and head back to the homestead, to do chemistry.


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