Thursday, March 7, 2013

Micro Economy!

Micro Economy
Micro Economy is something we do on the Farm Stays to help us experience business and real life financial action. What we do is put together three items to sell at our pancake breakfast. We had to make and sell two crafts, which could be a baked good or another craft, such as lotion or chapstick and one side for the pancake breakfast. I was in a group with Joanna and Seby, and we made fudge for our baked good, egg bake for our breakfast side and chapstick for our craft.


 Jo and Helen decided to sell cupcakes for their baked good
 Jack and Lucas chose to sell M&M cookies for their baked good
 Joanna, Seby and I chose to make chapstick out of the Landschool's beeswax
 Helen is preparing her cupcakes to be sold
 Joanna, Seby and I chose to sell fudge for our baked good

 Josie, Justine and Jack chose to sell bleached T-shirts for their craft

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