Monday, March 4, 2013


Occupations are a part of the work we do while we are on Farm Stay. The goal is to notice things that need improvement and improve them. This Farm Stay the two occupation groups are Trails with Katie and facilities with Donna. Trails group is creating an updated trail map and trail signs at all intersections. Facilities is doing multiple projects around the Homestead that are advancing the quality of the Homestead. 


Lucas is coming back from working on trail maintenance and sign research with Cole, Simon and Helen .
Jack and Jack are using google earth to create a trail map of the Land School trails.
Justine is also working on creating the map. She is looking at the Land School on the computer in 3-D view.

Here are Will and Pasha looking at the air vent in the ceiling.  

Will and Pasha are looking at blue prints of the Homestead to figure out the air ventilation system...
and Donna helps.

 Josie and I  are working on putting a vent in the pantry so the air can circulate without leaving the door open.

Lucia is working on patching up holes in the pantry where an air vent was going to go.

Seby is fixing the top of a door in the boy's wing.
Jo is working on taking the old floor filler out of the cracks in the dining room floor and then is going to refill the cracks.

The Gathering Room is a part of our home and we hope to keep making improvements to the Land School. 

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