Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday March 7th

            Today is really chaotic. Everyone is finishing up the little bits and pieces for the pancake breakfast tomorrow and every single person is stressed and trying to squeeze in just a little more time to work on their projects. I think that people are really excited about the breakfast, because people are beginning to feel homesick and want to see their parents. Some of the projects include handmade cutting boards, soap, beeswax candles and hot cocoa mix. We have been working on the projects since the beginning of Farm Stay, but it was only this week when people realized how little time we have.
            It’s already past the middle of Farm Stay and although I think that we’ve already gone through the period of time when everyone starts getting sick of each other, tensions are still high and emotions are getting the better of a lot of us.
            We’ve also been working to clean for the breakfast, which means that our Friday deep clean is taken to a whole new level. Deep clean involves doing your job in more depth, but because we are actually having guests come to the homestead, we’re also thinking about the comfort of others.
            During today’s community work, we were setting up for the pancake breakfast, which means making signs, moving furniture and preparing food as best we can for tomorrow. The results of our work confused us quite a bit, because after getting close to a place in one week, it is hard to navigate when everything has been changed.

            In all, Farm Stay is probably at its best right now. Everyone has settled in and new friendships have begun to turn into older ones. I think that everyone is doing well with micro eco and by tomorrow, I think that we will all be ready and prepared for the big event.

by Sally

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