Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Middle of the Farm Stay

            We’re entering the time period of a Farm Stay that’s kinda weird. It’s the middle, but not really. People know who their good friends are and who they don’t get along with as well, every day is normal routine, and ping-pong, foosball, baking immense amounts of cookies, and listening to the same three songs over and over is starting to get old. It’s the time of Farm Stay that’s the worst, but at the same time, the best.
            This is the time when people realize what isn’t important, and what is. Does it really matter what ice cream bar you get? We start to really understand what it means to live together without getting incredibly annoyed with each other. Because, a week ago, that ice cream bar would have been the biggest deal in the world. But now, we get it. It doesn’t matter, and we have better things to do. Better things to learn. This part of the Farm Stay is where the most learning happens, and where people learn little things that otherwise wouldn’t really come up in a traditional school setting. What does each person have to offer? Even if I really dislike a person, what good qualities do they have that I can recognize, instead of thinking about the things I don’t like.
            Also, we’re having a ton of fun. We’re realizing that there ARE things we can do besides ping pong and Justin Bieber, and that those things are fun. They’re really fun! Playing tag in the hoop house, having parties in the woods, telling stories over the walkie talkies in the freezing cold. These are all examples of things that we’ve found enjoyment in, and have loved (even if it was actually freezing).
              The next week of Farm Stay will be very interesting. It’s the part where we find out if this will be an ok Farm Stay,  or an awesome Farm Stay. If people decide to complain, annoy eachother, talk/act before they think, and a host of other things that teenagers regularly do (myself included), then this Farm Stay will just be ok. If we work together,  have fun, do what’s best for everybody, and try our hardest to get along, it will be an awesome Farm Stay.


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