Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6th

I guess I don’t know how to start this blog post because honestly it was just a normal day. However, I didn’t say that a normal day couldn’t be fun. Besides trudging through the waist deep snow in -15 degree weather. I really enjoyed March sixth. We got to get outside and play some broomball. We also got a big chunk of micro eco time to prepare for selling our products at the pancake breakfast. Sara Nelson also came up to the land school to have a discussion about the books we had been reading over the course of this Farmstay.
Another reason this day was so much fun was because that was the day we discovered doodle pacman on Google. Being trapped in a house with 14 people started to take its toll and we had nothing to do besides play ping-pong and listen to the same 5 songs the whole day. It was the only game we were allowed to play and being the 21st century adolescents that we are, we would’ve taken that chance in a heartbeat. Overall, a very fun day. It just shows that even a normal day can be fun during Farmstay three.
by Miguel

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