Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ice Caves

            Yesterday we took an epic trip to the ice caves. We took a three-hour drive up to Lake Superior and walked a mile to the caves. Then we saw the ice caves, after that we walked back and took the drive back home; sometime in the drive we got pizza.
            The long drive up there wasn’t as long as we thought, and soon we were up there. Once we got there Andy and Donna’s car got let into the parking lot and Katy’s car had to drive almost a mile to find a parking spot, which slowed us down a lot.
            Once we were on the ice, we had to walk almost a mile to get to the caves. It was a long walk and it was definitely worth it. The ice caves were amazing; it was nice to see so many people trying to get out here. We picked the best day to go out there. It was really warm after such cold. The caves were a once and a lifetime experience.

            The drive back was nice to have because it let people rest after a long day. We had pizza somewhere in the car ride. The rest of the ride was calming; we played 20 questions. Once we got home we crashed in bed and didn’t have a closing.
by Jacob

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