Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Birds

-by Laci
(help from Serena and Leighton)

For this entire trip we have been looking for baby animals that need a home, we tried cats and dogs but we couldn't find any. After 10 minutes of looking we gave up, our hopes and dreams were ruined.

I don't know if we were secretly looking or it happened on coincidence but as we were collecting straw for the garden, we found a baby bird, well, a teenage bird just about to leave the nest. But it was too early for it to leave, it fell, after continuous chasing and falls down a couple flights of stairs we finally got it in the box. Our new friend Anne happens to have a lot of experience with baby birds so she told us that birds go through a stage where they leave the nest but their parents are still there to feed them and help them get ready to go, so again, our hopes and dreams, poof. 

A day after that, today, we were again walking through the barn but this time for farm chores in the morning. We were walking away from the llama pen and we almost tripped on two extremely young baby birds, sadly their brother or sister was stepped on and long gone, but we picked up the two others. First we warmed them up and built a nest out of a tape roll and some tissues. Now there are two little happy, not so pretty babies living with us in our dorm room, eating every 15 minutes, although it is tiring making them oats in a blender, dog food salad or searching the garden for worms to chop up, it is extremely satisfying to know that on this trip we have not only worked hard for the Land School but also saved the lives of 2 babies which was more than our plan at the beginning.

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