Saturday, June 4, 2011

Community Garden Planting Day

Today we hope to get a bunch of stuff in the garden. Given the wet and cool weather that has dominated our spring, we are behind schedule on the planting and we are hoping to play catch up today. Herbs, tomatoes, sweet corn, broccoli, celery. Much more.

Update, post work day: We had three carloads of intrepid volunteers and we planted and planted and planted. I had us focus on the garden and we had six beds ready for us to plant into.

It is satisfying to "start the clock" on several of our favorite crops. Once they are in the ground, then we have to care for them, but we can't eat something that was never planted. Here's what we planted today:

Flat and Curly Parsley
Thai Basil
Lacinato Kale
Brussels Sprouts
Celery Root
Flowers. Zinnias, Euphorbia, Snapdragon, Rudbeckia, Tithonia, calendula, Gomphrena

In addition we weeded onions and saved them from the encroaching lawn.

Here are some of the other crops that we have already got in the ground:
more flowers
carrots, 2 kinds
many types of onions
green beans
all of the pumpkins and winter squash
half of the tomatoes ( the early ones and the paste tomatoes)
All of the potatoes

There is much left to do, but today we turned a corner. Thanks to everyone!

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