Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome Class E!

by Andy

Today Class E bounced out of the bus ready for fun. We met at the fire circle and as we did the orientation we asked everyone to yell because the wind was so high. It was a sunny day today, but with the wind a person could feel chilled pretty quickly, like when you are out on a lake. After lunch we moved into our rooms and divided up into activity periods.

There was a group doing wool work, another doing a nature study, another doing a wilderness survival class and then my group was planting pumpkins and winter squash. We planted 7 rows of pumpkins and squash and each row had 140 plants. That is close to a 1000 plants. Each plant will yield between 2 and 5 squash or pumpkins, if all goes well. We were like a planting train, with some students marking the spots, some laying the plants down and some planting while others watered.

We just had a great meal of chicken, rice, broccoli and orange slices, with gooey brownies for dessert. Yum! Looking forward to a presentation about owls tonight.

This just in: Mr. Mullin says Hello!

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