Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A to Z Produce - AKA the Pizza Farm, Photos

By Andy

Yesterday we brought our summer garden apprentices down to A to Z Produce, a farm near Stockholm, Wisconsin. We had been working hard for two days in the garden. The weeds had been on the verge of taking over the garden, and as a team we took on the worst spots. The leeks and carrots were just about beyond relief, but after Monday night's rain the weeds came out, thanks to an on-your-knees hand-pulling effort. Then we mulched the leeks with straw to avoid future problems. We also fertilized and weeded the beets, broccoli, basil, beans, onions and flowers. After two solid days of weeding we were ready to escape. The Pizza Farm beckoned.

Our friends Ted and Robbie have a unique farming model. Their farm, A to Z Produce, has grown into a weekly mecca for pizza lovers. Ted has worked as a chef for many years as well as being half of a farming team with wife Robbie and family. Several years ago they decided they decided to build a pizza oven and host weekly pizza sales, highlighting their fresh organic produce. This brilliant idea has taken on a life of its own. They now host pizza sales from 4:30 to 8:00 pm every Tuesday, and people come from all over to have mind-blowing pizza. Sometimes the wait for a pizza is well over an hour. And people are happy to wait! The pizza tastes great, and the additional bonus is that Ted and Robbie grow the wheat for the crust and all of the produce for the toppings. They also raise the pigs for the "happy pigs" sausage. A friend makes fresh mozzarella for them. 

We lucked out last night, because of the storms (we did not get wet), people stayed away and we only had a 10 minute wait. Yum.


Slicing the pizzas

a little bit of everything left over for tomorrow's lunch.

The new ordering area. Tre chic.

The lawn where people set up their tables to enjoy the pizzas.

The eaters standing next to the greenhouse


A to Z Produce is located on the rolling hills outside of Stockholm Wisconsin.

Our Peonies are blooming!

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