Thursday, June 30, 2011

I went to the Land School and it was okay - Photos

by Alice, Ruby, Shyamoli and Anna

Today is the last day of our apprenticeship. We're sad to be leaving the farm and all of the good times and memories we have had here. This apprenticeship has taught us many things (more than we expected). We planted, we weeded, we hoed, we cared for and tied tomato plants, we cared for the farm animals, we deep cleaned rooms, we painted walls, we learned about dog competitions, we cooked and we cleaned. It was wonderful to experience the Land School in the summertime in a smaller group. Not only have we learned a lot, but we've enjoyed our time here and wish we could stay longer.

Thanks to Shyamoli for sharing the photos!

Andy showing the root nodules of the field peas.

Cover crop of peas between the pumpkin rows.

Planting sweet corn.

watering sweet corn. 

Garlic in the garden. 

The Farmstead.

Using wheel hoes to weed the garden.

Anna and Alice


Ruby an Shyamoli

The hoophouse tomatoes. Orange twine for trellises. 

Snake skin found in the hoophouse.

Childrens House and E1 chicks

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