Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10/8 !!!!!!

by Mae       
     Today was our first full day of Farm Stay One. The very first thing we did when we got up was we were introduced to farm chores. After breakfast, we had a math work period and then picked our Occupations groups. We accidentally split up by age groups so the seventh graders are in Facilities Management, where they will be putting up shelves in the root cellar and building a pizza oven, and the eighth graders are in the Food Preservation group and will be fermenting and preserving foods. We had a great introduction to Occupations. Today, the garden group got to prepare lunch. We ground corn and made it into corn bread, and made chili out of products from the Land School, along with broccoli, which was harvested from the garden as well. After lunch we got to act out emergency scenarios so that we would know what to do in that situation. We then picked our products and partners for Microeconomy. After a long day, we did our daily chores of tidying the Homestead and then the dinner crew made the much anticipated tacos for Taco Tuesday.

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