Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gabriel's Spooktacular Blog

Come to the Spooktacular Event at the Land School!

            Farmstay 1 has been excitedly planning for the Spooktacular Event, the climax of our stay here. It happens on Saturday, October 19 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Right now, there is a communications group, which focuses on advertising like this blog post. There is also a scheduling group and an activities group, which plans fun games and other activities to do, such as pumpkin carving and Kubb (a game). The other two groups are a maze group, planning a maze (unfortunately, not Mae’s maize maze, as we’re doing it in the goldenrod).
            Another highly anticipated occurrence at the Spooktacular Event is micro-eco, where everyone on Farmstay 1 sells something (or some things). There will be chapstick, dried apples, cornbread, needle felted creations, photo cards of the Land School, fudge, bleach shirts, mini cheeseburgers, carved wood jewelry, handmade notebooks, caramel apples, and gingersnaps.
            Although the Spooktacular Event is a potluck and we encourage you to bring something, please no nuts, desserts, or hamburger-related items (we don’t want to take business away from food sellers at Micro-Eco).
            The Spooktacular Event is fun for all ages, and there is no admission cost. For more information, look in the Tuesday Memo or call 715-265-7770. Please come!

            Right now, in Donna’s occupation group, we are very busy. We split into two-person groups; one is painting the red barn door, one is building shelves in the root cellar, and one is putting new plastic on the hoop house. When that’s done, we’ll work on the new pizza/bread oven, make a diagram for how to put away materials in the leaning closet, and maybe more. We are realizing that there is a lot of work to be done “behind the scenes” to keep the Land School a well-oiled machine (or a well-planted field).


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