Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday October 13th

            Today, most people woke up later then usual, and then did farm chores. We were all extremely hungry by the time we ate brunch, which was at 11:00, and ate a lot of pancakes and bacon. We had free time all day, and were required to be outside from 1-2, which we were very thankful of. Most people split up into little groups during the time we spent outside to hike, sit in out “magic spots” (a place we chose to sit and think, draw, write, or do anything else) or run around. During this time, Keegan, and a while later Simon, rejoined the group and were much welcomed back. After that, most of us played ultimate Frisbee, which we greatly enjoyed, then the cook crew made dinner, which was pasta. After dinner, we had study hall and then went to bed. We had a great time outside and it was a very nice day (weather-wise) I, and I think everybody else, enjoyed our free time and are now ready for the week ahead of us.
By Eva

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