Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Spooktacular Event

October 19th, 2013.                             

This event took place at the Land School this Saturday from 4 pm to 8pm. We had a fun schedule full of different activities like: pumpkin carving, apple pressing, maze, “scary” maze, kubb, potluck, where everybody had a yummy dinner with the different food our guests brought, and market place.

Market place is where all the farm stayers sold their micro economy products and some land school products as well. I think the best part of it was to see someone buying your product, it was the best feeling!!!

Let’s not forget about Donna’s birthday! We sang happy birthday to her during the potluck and had a piece of  apple sauce cake made for her by the students during Andy’s occupation group(food preservation).

We had all kind of guests, parents, teachers, family, friends, etc. having a good time at the event participating in the different activities.

I hope you all had fun if you were here!

By Ale

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