Friday, October 18, 2013

Iris' Birthday

By Nina         10/18/13
Today we woke up and woke up Iris singing happy birthday to her, posters saying happy birthday where hung all over the girls room. Iris turned 13 at 7:12 A.M. and a couple girls baked a very good chocolate cake that everyone ate after lunch. After lunch every one was very excited for archery. We all found out which eye was dominant to figure out if we needed a left handed bow or a right handed bow, then we went outside we found out the we only had right handed bows, but everyone still had a lot of fun. When we where done we had to do deep clean which we do every Friday and it took for ever, but everyone looked forward to the make-your-own pizza dinner, and after dinner gallery night. Also, during the day I spent 3 hours in the root cellar building shelves.

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