Monday, December 16, 2013

16 December 2013

by Filippo   

         Today we did many things. We started off the day with breakfast at 7:45 and after the clean up crew had finished their cleaning of the kitchen, we had math; math starts at 8:30 and that was a great period of time to work on the practice cycle expectations for math. At 9:30 after the math was finished we had land school stuff with Katie a.k.a Science. Science was a time were we got to work on slope which is the new lesson that Dave has kindly sent us from the urban campus. We divided into four groups of 3 and each group was assigned a slope on the Land School property such as: the sledding hill, or the back of the homestead. With a rope we measured and we finally came back inside and finished up with the math. After a long science/math work time everyone was very hungry so we had lunch in our mentor groups. Lunch was risotto, cauliflower and garlic bread. After lunch we all went on a hike with our mentor groups, my group went on a hike to try to identify trees with the new tree identification guide that we made. After the hike we had a council meeting with all the staff and all the students about how things were going and reports about the land school. This meeting lasted about an hour. After the meeting we had micro eco, which is were we got to add up all of our profits from the craft fair and see how much money we made! After adding and subtracting for two hours it was daily chore time. After chores we had twenty minutes of free time except for the dinner crew this was a good time to have fun and relax free time included ping-pong and foosball and many other activities. We were called up for dinner and we had enchiladas and rice. After we had study hall were I am writing this. After we will have closing and get ready for a new day.

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