Tuesday, December 17, 2013

17 December

Today is our second-to-last full day at the Land School, Farmstay 2. We started out the day with farm chores and breakfast, and then we welcomed Dave early to help us with math. After math we started to get ready for the JH. After we were done with that, we sat by the road and anxiously awaited the bus. When it arrived, we welcomed everyone and then gathered at the fire circle and formed out stewardship groups. I am normally with Katie in the Prairie Group, but today I went with Donna’s group, Facilities. Throughout the Farm Stay, Ava and I have been working on signs to go around to make the Land School more understandable. Today we laminated them, and got to use a staple gun to put them up. After that, it was time for lunch, and after that we had free time. Lucia, Helen, Ale, Ava, Julia, and I went on a walk and then just sat down and talked. Then we went to the tree house for a little while, and before we knew it, it was time to go back to the Homestead and the bus. When we got back to the Homestead everyone started saying goodbye. But it was different than usual, because we wouldn’t be seeing everyone when we got back on Friday. Today, Farm Stay 2 said goodbye to our Mexican exchange student, Alejandra. Most of the girls started crying as we said goodbye, but then after the bus left, it was time to go back to our Farm Stay 2 schedule. After they left, we worked on making our tie dye t-shirts and zentangles. Then it was time for chores, dinner set-up, dinner, and dinner clean-up, and now study hall. This Farm Stay has been truly amazing and we are all looking forward to ending it on a good note.                        

                                                                                                ~ Sophie

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