Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 7, 2013

Blog Entry- December 7, 2013
A year ago today in 2012, the best Land School dog died. Her name was Pearl, and she lived a long life.  She was an amazing dog, a was a helper to the students, never ran off, was calm, and let little children climb and play all over her. If you ever knew Pearl, please take a moment to remember her or any memories that you have of her.

Today it was one of the coldest days so far. When we went out for Farm Chores this morning, it was at least -20. Today was mainly a day just to hang out and have lots of free time, because it is a weekend. Many people played cards downstairs, played foosball or ping-pong, did homework or visited Pearl’s grave. It was also optional work for credits day so many people did that. There was also some work on Micro Economy projects for the craft fair. At night we watched the movie “Juno”. 

by Hazel

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