Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 4th

by Julia

Today was amazing. Andy’s mentor group and I had farm chores in the morning. Imagine waking up, bundling into two jackets, two hats, snow pants, two pairs of wool socks, mittens and good winter boots. Then walking outside and feeling the brisk wind on your cheeks. Imagine trudging through the deep snow and hearing the crunch of the iced-over snow. The morning was so cold that all you wanted to do is keep your head down and protect your face from the fierce wind. But as soon as I looked up for a brief second I saw a row of dark trees being lit up by the upcoming sun. The sunrise was beyond incredible. In that mere second I took in the moment and felt the sun on my face. Then the cold wind blew air on to my face and a shiver rolled down my spine. I crunched through the deep snow all the way to the seemingly bright red barn. I open the door to the barn to find the loud clamor of the chickens. I open the wooden and insulated chicken coop door. The chickens rush out of their nice, warm home. The amount of color that the chickens bring to the barn is uplifting. I do the chores as usual with Eloise, then I go and face the brisk, white winter again.

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