Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 10th

            Today was a regular day at the Land School. Katie’s mentor group had farm chores at 7:30 sharp and then we had breakfast. If it hasn’t been explained to you yet before, each mentor group does farm chores at some point on farm stay. On farm chores in the morning you give the animals what they need for the day and night. After breakfast we had a math lesson at 8:30. After the math lesson, which was a presentation that Dave made by video on the computer, we split into our Occupation groups. Occupations started at around 10:00. Donna’s group has been working on Facilities at the Land School, like making signs with labels or directions so that people understand what they’re supposed to do or what they’re looking at. In Andy’s group for Occupations they have been working on making the land school trails nicer. Then we had lunch at 12:00 and shortly after had a Micro Economy work period. Everyone got a good two hours or so to get a lot of focused work done. At about 2:45 we had outdoor play and we went sledding at Strawberry Hill, which was very fun. Then the day started to come to an end. We went inside and did our daily chores and had a calm dinner. After dinner we had a productive study hall until 8:30. At 8:30 our typical night time routine began and we had transition time, then closing. At closing we went around the circle and told a story about our selves. Then we got ready for bed and got a good night sleep for the day ahead of us.


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