Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harvest for July 28th and Thank Yous

We had a great Garlic Festival. The long barn is currently overpowering with a wall of garlic scent coming from the curing garlic. Pictures and stories to come.

Other news: The fox is on the town-o. A red fox got a chicken on Monday. Since Anne saw the fox, we have noticed that numbers seem down in general. How long has he/she been poaching chickens? We will count the flock at night daily to keep tabs. We also moved the llamas' electric fence so it goes between the fox's habitat and the coop.

Update (7/27 evening) We are down at least one chicken today.

Update (7/28) The chickens may have to stay inside for a few days while the fox simmers down and goes somewhere else. Also THANKS to Mollie and Alice for their help today with the harvest.

 Harvest This Week (updated post harvest):

Salad Mix
  Basil (Pesto Bags as well as bunches)
Sweet Yellow Onions and Cipollini
Green Beans (Lots and lots)
Zucchini and Patty Pan Squash (so many...)
New Red Potatoes (Donna made an incredible potato dish today with these plus leftover roasted carmelized garlic)
Cut Flowers (Including Sunflowers)
As Many Red Tomatoes as we can find (Limit of 2)

Late additions: Cabbage, Cauliflower and Celery

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