Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gabriel's Photos of the Harvest and Thank Yous

What a great day to work outside! Yesterday the heat and humidity went away like a miracle. We had a great crew of farm campers to help harvest and then we had 4 garden steward families show up to help pick stuff. Thanks to Nic, Forrest and Sabine; Linda, Ruby and Mona; Erin; and Mollie. A high point for me was digging our first harvest of new potatoes. The whole crew of farm campers were there digging and grubbing for potatoes. We got an assembly line going. Another sweet moment was when Sabine and Forrest wanted to eat some carrots and I said that they were not ready. Then, just to be sure, we checked and sure enough, they were right and I was wrong. So we harvested our first carrots of the year! Once we finished the harvest, there was still time for them to motor through weeding a bed of kale in the garden. A huge help!!!

picking herbs

Looking for nice lettuce

The lettuce harvest


picking cucumbers


cucumber's friend

green beans

New Potatoes!

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