Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Market on July 14th, Work Day this Saturday, July 9th

Garden Update:

Our summer so far has been quite full and the garden is looking great. Every year there are some things that go better and others that have set backs. The garlic looks great and the onions are happy this year. The potatoes are in flower and we'll have new potatoes probably on the second week. We have many many green beans on the way, and the beets and carrots are looking good too. Corn is in the ground and was just barely knee-high on the fourth of July. Basil and Parsley and other herbs are coming on strong. There will be cut flowers all summer long. The vine crops are lagging behind last year's pace, but last year was exceptional in terms of heat and rain. We will get them. We have some early tomatoes that are already four feet tall with well-developed fruit. Maybe two weeks or three until red tomatoes. The big bummer so far has been the unexplained predation on the summer broccoli crop. We think slugs are the culprit and we are attending to them. 

It looks to be a good year all around for fruit. Wild blackberries are raspberries are looking good. In addition we will probably get apple, plum, grape, currant and pear crops. The cultivated raspberries will bear heavy this fall and we'll have a few blueberries from the plants that went in two years ago. Most of the fruit will not go in to the market, but will be available to pick and eat when you come out to work or play here.

We have a summer garden worker again this year, Anne Nichols, who arrived in mid-June to live in the bunkhouse with her 4 Bernese Mountain Dogs and 2 Cats. We are thrilled to have her on board for the summer.

Our first Saturday Work Day is this Saturday. If you have not signed up for a work day yet, please consider coming out to work on Saturday. Arrive between 9 and 10 am and bring a potluck item for lunch. We have a LOT of weeds to take care of and we need to plant the fall broccoli and corn.

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